Frozen pickup protocol

To order a frozen pickup from QML Pathology Vetnostics:

Collect your sample

It is preferable to freeze the sample at least overnight (12 hours) before pickup to ensure it is adequately frozen for transport.

Book a pickup 

Online booking where available (preferred option, for tracking purposes):

- Go to
- Click on “Online courier bookings”
- Enter doctor code
- Tick to proceed
- Enter animal name, owner surname
In the box underneath “Tests”, type “Frozen pickup required”
- Book as a standalone job (i.e. don’t include other animal or owner names on this booking)
- When the job has been successfully logged, a job reference number will be generated on-screen.

Phone booking
- If URGENT or if online booking not available, then phone for a courier (DON’T use the online courier portal for urgent cases).

Hand sample to QML Pathology courier 

Regardless of whether you use online booking or phone booking, follow instructions below.

When a QML Pathology courier appears:

- Bear in mind that the next courier to appear after you log a frozen pickup may not necessarily have the dry ice as it takes time to coordinate
- Before handing over a frozen sample to a QML Pathology courier, first ask that courier: “Are you equipped to collect a frozen (dry ice) sample)?”
- Only hand over a frozen sample if you are sure the courier is equipped to take it.
- Note: if the courier only has a frozen esky brick, they are NOT equipped to collect a frozen pickup sample. They need to have dry ice.
- If a courier equipped for frozen (dry ice) pickup does not arrive within 24 hours:
- Re-book the job online (see above)
    - Add “Frozen pickup booked (date) but not actioned”. Include previous job reference number (if known).